MagicDust – Butterfly Pea Powder, 50g



Culinary enchantment in a packet! From mystical Southeast Asia, it brings cosmic blue magic to your dishes. Loved by chefs, it’s perfect for enhancing baked treats. Add citrus zest for a stellar touch! ✨🦋

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Unleash your culinary creativity

Why did the butterfly pea powder blush in the cosmic kitchen?

Because it saw the salads and turned blue-terrestrial!

MagicDust – Butterfly Pea Powder

Set forth on a transcendent gastronomic odyssey with Magic Dust! From the mystic forest of Southeast Asia emerges the delicate butterfly pea flower bestowing magical color-changing powers upon your culinary realm. Beyond its captivating cosmic blue hues, it adds a delightful touch appreciated by renowned chefs worldwide. And here’s a secret tip: infuse your creations with citrus zest and unveil a supernatural stellar color palette. According to the space station’s culinary observations, it is best used while baking, be it a batch of cosmic cookies or a nebula-inspired cake.

How to use it

Begin with a recommended dosage of half a teaspoon of our stellar powder, but for an intensified cosmic hue – fearlessly sprinkle more. 
To achieve the most enchanting result, blend ingredients with a denser color palette like bananas, mangoes, or milk. 
Invoke the galactic magic of transformation by adding mystical lemon rye – witness the cosmic color shift in awe. 
Magic Dust defies the heat of intergalactic temperatures, ensuring its vibrant color remains intact even in the scorching cosmic pasta realms. 
Strap on your flavor jetpack and prepare for an epic taste adventure across the cosmos!


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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm


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