Let’s play – the color way!

Plant-Powered Colors!

At COSMOS, we've mastered the secret. Our family formulated the ideal method to make healthy eating thrilling for kids. Experience it yourself as your kids revel in their meals' transformation.

Cosmos Roamer

Meet Cosmos Roamer!

In the vast cosmos, an intrepid explorer from the Cosmos family embarks on a journey through galaxies, searching for unique ingredients to create food coloring. Driven by a passion for kids’ health, he discovers magical dust powders that bestow regular food with vibrant and nutritious hues. Even after all his adventures, he still wonders, “Why should you choose us?”


Cosmos Roamer found an ingenious solution – versatile food coloring powders that seamlessly blend with a vast array of celestial ingredients. Infuse this cosmic creation into any culinary masterpiece! Let your kids explore the cosmos of flavors with boundless creativity! wonders, “Why should you choose us?”

Because We Care

Cosmos is a place where our deep understanding of the significance of kids’ health drives us. As nurturing parents ourselves, we know the joy of watching the kids relish and cherish their meals. From galactic pasta powders to vibrant smoothie blends, we have it all covered. Explore a world of limitless food coloring options, knowing that your kids’ health is our top priority.

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As parents of three, we prioritize kids’ health. Our foremost commitment is crafting a food coloring product that not only enhances visual appeal but also comprises healthy ingredients.

Ignites Interest

Cosmos captivate and mesmerize kids as they witness everyday dishes transform into cosmic wonders. This immersive experience not only piques their curiosity but also encourages active participation in the culinary process.

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Embark on a cosmic journey and get yourself a bundle from all the galaxies – enjoy 25% off when you make a bundle purchase. Let your kids explore a wider variety of options and experiment with pure joy!

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Some useful facts

It may be hard to wrap your mind around the fact that food coloring can be healthy. At Cosmos, we are set on crafting colors that don’t come with a chemical overload. Our products are full of essential vitamins and minerals, designed to support your kids’ healthy growth. Our solution offers a win-win scenario – your kids will be delighted by the vibrant food colors while you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s a truly healthy choice.

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Let’s make something Super galactic!

Blue Milkyway Sourdough bread

Click below to find out how to make such a beauty to your kids

MilkyWay bread with butterfly pea

Real talk from our real customers

See what other parents have to say about our products that bring galaxies of flavor and nourishment to every meal.

I absolutely adore these goods! Although my child’s appetite is really poor at this fussy era, she is displaying a lot of interest when food has colours. The hues are incredibly vivid!

Sandra Brazis

Every Cosmos order has been a wonderful experience. Every color that I used in cooking for the child was just a revolution! My kids are finally eating porridge!

Gintare Visockaite Yiasemi

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Our cosmic journey has been highlighted on various platforms – it’s an honor to receive recognition from esteemed outlets. We are always grateful for the support and acknowledgment that fuels our commitment to our work.

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