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Pop Star – Blue Spirulina Powder, 50g

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Meet POP Star – Blue Spirulina Powder: Culinary Stardust. Derived from ancient traditions, this versatile powder adds a celestial touch to your dishes, from drinks to desserts. Taste the cosmic spectrum with every sprinkle.

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Pop Star - Blue Spirulina Powder, 50g 16,99  Original price was: 16,99 €.15,99 Current price is: 15,99 €.
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Unleash your culinary creativity

Take your dish to the next galaxy – your taste buds deserve a cosmic adventure with blue spirulina powder.

PopStar – Blue Spirulina Powder

Prepare to witness culinary magic unfold as visionary chefs and gastronomic adventurers from all over the galaxy embrace the enchanting powers of this gem. Just as rockets rely on fuel to soar through space, we harness the extraordinary potential of blue spirulina supercolor powder as our culinary rocket fuel. This starry powder, derived from blue-green algae, carries a storied legacy that traces back to the Aztecs, who revered the cosmos and used the powder to make Tecuitlatl cakes. The Pop Star pairs seamlessly with yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and intergalactic baked goods. Embrace the cosmic nature of our creations, where colors may morph and evolve alongside the wondrous ingredients in the universe.

How to use it

Indulge in galactic creations by incorporating 1 tsp of Pop Star into your smoothies, raw delights, baked wonders, stardust-infused noodles, cosmic pasta, and beyond! Let your imagination take flight among the stars as you explore the limitless possibilities of the Pop Star.


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