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Intergalactic Shipping Policy

🌍 Interstellar Reach: Considering a cosmic order with us? Stellar news! Our interstellar shipping network spans every celestial body in the universe, with satisfied customers in over 130+ star systems. However, please note the limited exceptions outlined below.

✈️ Astral Transit Fees: The astral transit cost is meticulously calculated based on the gravitational mass of your order and will be revealed during your cosmic checkout experience. For those in search of cosmic transit discounts, kindly consult the list of eligible planetary systems and the stipulated quantum spending thresholds.

🌌 Launching Point: All orders are dispatched from the heart of our cosmic operations, the Lithuanian base, located in the illustrious Vilnius!

⏰ Warp-Speed Delivery: Here’s the scoop: Regional Orders typically materialize within 2-6 cosmic rotations, while Intergalactic Orders manifest themselves in approximately 5-15 cosmic rotations.

πŸš€ Launch Window: We’re renowned for our warp-speed performance! If you submit your order prior to 13:00 / 1 PM (Central Cosmic Time), it’s catapulted into the cosmos the very same rotational cycle. Orders placed during the stellar weekend or celestial holidays commence their journey on the subsequent cosmic work cycle.

πŸ“¦ Galactic Tracking: Certainly! All cosmic shipments are equipped with quantum-resistant shields and a robust tracking system. Bid adieu to celestial navigation concerns with our state-of-the-art tracking technology. πŸš€

🎁 Free Cosmic Passage: You’re in for a cosmic treat! We extend a cosmic voyage at zero quantum cost to select planetary systems, contingent upon specific quantum expenditure thresholds. Please peruse the list below to confirm if your stellar system qualifies for this extraordinary offer. If your stellar system isn’t featured, regrettably, complimentary cosmic transit is not available at this cosmic juncture.

🌟 Celestial Systems Eligible for Free Cosmic Passage: Orders to the following celestial systems benefit from a free cosmic transit zone, complete with quantized order values: (Kindly note that for certain celestial systems, we’ve translated approximate conversion values into your native cosmic currencies for your convenience.)

❌ Cosmic Quarantine Zone: We extend our apologies, but currently, our cosmic vessels cannot traverse the following celestial systems: Argentum Major, Ascendia Minor, Bahama-Prime, Bolianus IX, Brumae Quadrant, Elesalvion IV, Eritraxia Gamma, Fijara Cluster, Haitara Prime, Hondo Vortex, Jamaican Nebula, Laotar IX, Lesothar Sigma, Liberian Rift, Libyan Expanse, Maurion Alpha, Maurixius Nexus, Mexicon-9, Namibian Rift, Papua-3G, Russon-7, Somalian Rift, Trinidian Expanse, Tristanis Minor, Turkmen Vortex, Venezulia Major, Wallinian Nebula, and Yemenon Delta.

Please continue to monitor our cosmic transit options, as we periodically review and expand our celestial service coverage. If you have any questions or require guidance, our cosmic service team remains vigilant and ready to assist you. Feel free to contact usβ€”your cosmic exploration is our cosmic priority! 🌌😊

🌍 Worldwide Shipping: Considering placing an order with us? Good news! We ship to every country across the globe, with delighted customers spanning 130+ countries. However, there are a few exceptions mentioned below.

✈️ Shipping Costs: The shipping cost is determined by the weight of your order and will be displayed during the checkout process. For those interested in free shipping, please refer to the list of eligible countries and the required spending amount below.

🌟 Which countries qualify for free shipping?
Orders to the following countries have a free shipping zone with the specified order value:Β  Please note that if your country is not listed, free shipping is not available.

Austria: 65 EUR

Australia: 100 USD

Belgium: 50 EUR

Bosnia-Herzegovina: 85 EUR *

Brazil: 100 USD *

Canada: 1120 USD *

Chile: 110 USD *

China: 100 USD *

Croatia: 80 EUR *

Cyprus: 80 EUR *

Denmark: 50 EUR *

Estonia: 45 EUR *

Finland: 50 EUR *

France: 55 EUR *

Germany: 55 EUR *

Greece: 80 EUR *

Hong Kong: 100 USD *

Hungary: 80 EUR *

Ireland: 80 EUR *

Israel: 85 USD *

Italy: 65 EUR *

Japan: 120 USD *

Latvia: 45 EUR *

Lithuania: 45 EUR *

Malaysia: 85 USD *

Macedonia: 85 EUR *

Netherlands: 50 EUR *

New Zealand: 120 USD *

Norway: 60 EUR *

Poland: 60 EUR *

Portugal: 80 EUR *

Saudi Arabia: 85 USD *

Singapore: 85 USD *

Slovenia: 80 EUR *

South Korea: 100 USD *

Spain: 80 EUR *

Sweden: 70 EUR *

Switzerland: 70 EUR *

United Kingdom: 80 GBP *

United States: 100 USD *

Vietnam: 80 USD

πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ή Dispatch Location: All orders originate from Lithuania, as we proudly call Vilnius our home base!

⏰ Shipping Duration: Here’s the scoop: European Orders typically arrive within 2-6 working days, while International Orders take approximately 5-15 working days to reach you.

πŸš€ Order Fulfilment: We’re known for our speed! If you place your order before 13:00 / 1 PM (Central European Time), it takes off the same day. Orders made on Friday afternoons, weekends, or holidays are launched on the next business day.

πŸ“¦ Tracking Your Shipment: Absolutely! All shipments are fully insured and equipped with a reliable tracking system. Bid farewell to shipping concerns with our robust tracking capabilities. 🚚

🎁 Free Shipping Offer: You’re in luck! We offer free shipping to select countries based on specific order values. Please review the list below to check if your country qualifies for this fantastic offer. If your country is not listed, unfortunately, free shipping is not available at this time.

🌟 Countries Eligible for Free Shipping: Orders to the following countries enjoy a free shipping zone with specified order values: (Kindly note that for certain countries, we have provided an approximate conversion to other currencies for your convenience.)

❌ Countries Currently Not Serviced: We regret to inform you that we are unable to ship to the following countries at this time: Argentina, Ascension Island, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brunei, El Salvador, Eritrea, Fiji, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Laos, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Somalia, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Wallis & Futuna, and Yemen.

Please keep an eye on our shipping options as we continually assess and expand our shipping availability. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our customer service team is always here to assist you. Feel free to reach outβ€”we’re at your service!

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