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MilkyWay Sourdough Bread with Butterfly Pea Powder

Behold, cosmic artisans, for within the heart of this sourdough creation lies a celestial dance of Butterfly Pea Flower, weaving its vibrant hues into the very fabric of our dough. This recipe, a riddle for the sourdough mystics, calls for patience and devotion, with moments of resting, stretching, and folding, spanning a cosmic cycle of 24 hours before the grand bake.

In the realm of the Pain Dough:

  • 135 grams of bread flour, a stardust foundation
  • 15 grams of whole wheat flour, grounding our cosmic journey
  • 113 grams of water, the essence of life
  • 30 grams of sourdough starter, the cosmic catalyst
  • 3 grams of salt, balancing the cosmic forces

And in the embrace of the Butterfly Pea Flower Dough:

  • 135 grams of bread flour, mirroring the celestial dance
  • 15 grams of whole wheat flour, anchoring the cosmic energy
  • 113 grams of water, the fluidity of the universe
  • 5 grams of butterfly pea powder flower, mingled with 120 grams of boiling hot water, painting our dough with cosmic strokes
  • 30 grams of sourdough starter, the eternal spark
  • 3 grams of salt, harmonizing the cosmic symphony

Embark upon this cosmic odyssey: STEP 1 Commune with your sourdough starter, feeding it with 5 grams of stardust starter, 35 grams of flour, and 35 grams of water, at a cosmic temperature of 78°F. Simultaneously, infuse the essence of blue pea flower into 120 grams of boiling water, letting it cool under the cosmic gaze. Allow both to rest for 7 cosmic hours.

STEP 2 In separate cosmic vessels, blend the flours with water, allowing each mixture to contemplate its existence for 1 cosmic hour. To one, add the primordial sourdough starter; to the other, the ethereal blue pea flower infusion. Let them rest in cosmic isolation.

STEP 3 After 30 minutes, introduce the essence of salt to each dough, melding the elements in a celestial dance using a stand mixer set at the lowest cosmic speed for 1 minute. Grant each dough 30 more minutes of cosmic introspection.

STEP 4 Envision a cosmic embrace as the doughs intertwine, folding upon themselves like ancient scrolls, repeating this ritual fourfold. Allow them a 30-minute cosmic meditation.

STEP 5 Stretch and fold the dough upon itself in four cosmic turns every 15 minutes. Then, in the cosmic silence, let the dough rest and expand, reaching for the cosmic heavens, a rise of 20-30% attesting to its celestial connection.

STEP 6 Shape the dough as your cosmic heart desires and cradle it in a proofing basket for 15 minutes, allowing it to commune with the energies of the cosmos. Nestle the shaped creation within a dutch oven and let it dream cosmic dreams in the chill of the cosmic void.

STEP 7 With the dawn of a new cosmic day, awaken the oven, stoking it to 500°F. Retrieve the dough, a masterpiece of the cosmos, and place it within the cosmic vessel. Bake it within the sacred confines of a closed lid for 15 minutes at 500°F, then unveil its cosmic splendor, continuing the cosmic alchemy at 450°F for 20 more minutes.

Partake in this cosmic creation, for in each celestial bite, the universe reveals its secrets.

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